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Physics 2010 Formula Sheet PDF

Physics 2010 Formula Sheet Book Contents

Physics formula. Physics 2010 Formula Sheet. Some useful (and not so useful) constants and formulas. x = x. f. x. i. v. x = xt. a. x = v. x. t. x = v. ix. t + 12 a. x. t. 2. v. fx = v. ix + a. x. t. v. fx. 2. v. ix. 2 = 2a. x. x. g = 9.8 m /s. 2. F. x = ma. x. W = mg. f. s,max. µ. k. N. W = Fd cos. K = 12 mv. 2. U = mgh. U = 12 kx. 2. K. i + U. i = K. f + U. f .

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