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Introduction to Unix Network Programming PDF

Introduction to Unix Network Programming Book Contents

Network programming. CS 241 Copyright ©: University of Illinois CS 241 Staff 41 Reserved Ports Keyword Decimal Description-----0/tcp Reserved 0/udp Reserved tcpmux .

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 Alice in Champaign, Bob in Hollywood  Example: Network socket
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of connection:  Connection-less (UDP)  It is an unreliable connection.  Connection-oriented (TCP)  It handshakes before transfers information. Connection-oriented
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Python wraps GTK+, Qt, Tk, wx-Python and Win32 GUI toolkits, and thus allows Twisted to integrate with these toolkits'event loops. Python'ssupportfor sockets, select() and Python Sockets
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UNIX – sockets (original Berkley system calls) – TLI (transport layer interface) Apple Mac – MacTCP MS Windows – WinSock (similar to sockets) UNIX system calls
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He currently works as a software engineer for Bynari, Inc., specializing in messaging and groupware software. With a Bynari

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